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President Bobbi Kazenelson 


Vice President -Roberto Swazo


TreasurerIra Fratrik


SecretaryNaomi McCormick

Endowment Chair - David Lederman

Board Members

Jacqueline Herrick

Laura Praglin


Rabbi Rebecca Kushner

   Welcome to Sons of Jacob!  I’m beginning my fifth year with this remarkable congregation and am delighted how we are growing: our increase in numbers, our strengthened relationships within the congregation and our continued interfaith outreach to  the greater Cedar Valley community. Thanks to the purchase of more modern prayer books, our worship services have become even more lively and participatory.  A group of trained lay leaders and other volunteers offer special events and lead services when I am not in town.  Once a week we have an online study session we call “Judaism 101:” It’s for those interested in conversion to Judaism, and those who are already Jewish but want to learn more about their faith tradition.  No prior knowledge is needed, just curiosity and a computer.  Interested?  Give our awesome secretary Stephanie a call, and she’ll give you instructions how to join in.

   But wait! Don’t go yet: Aren’t you wondering what I am holding in the picture?  It’s a meditative plaque called a “shiviti.”  It’s beautifully inscribed with the verse from Psalms 16:8: “I have set (shiviti) the Lord before me always.”  That’s what we Jews need community for: to laugh and to cry together, to dance and pray and be there for each other, and to be aware of the Divine spark within each one of us.

   Yes, there are Jews in Iowa, even in the Cedar Valley!  Come and mingle with us!


B’vrachot, with blessings,

Rabbi Rebecca

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