Dear customers, welcome to visit our company's website! In order to provide you with the best shopping experience, the following terms of service have been formulated:

1.Our company mainly deals in foreign contemporary abstract female line series metal wall art works.

2. Users must register using their real names and provide their real names, contact information and identity information for registration. Accounts are for personal use only and may not be transferred to others.

3. All product prices are subject to the prices displayed on the website or customer representatives. We have the right to adjust the prerequisite products and will promptly announce the modification notice.

4. The standard delivery time is 7-15 working days. If there is a delay due to special reasons, we will proactively inform you and provide explanations. Customers can modify the order content within 24 hours of placing the order.

5. Within 7 days, except for substantial damage or normal wear and tear, customers can return the product unconditionally or withdraw from the transaction, and we will bear the first delivery cost. Refunds will be completed within 7 working days after return.

6. We will keep user information in confidentiality and high security standards, and will not transmit user data except for legal basis and technical processing.

7. If the product needs to be repaired or returned due to quality problems within three months after purchase, we will provide free service to the user.

8. If there is any economic loss due to our fault during the transaction, we will bear the corresponding liability for compensation.

9. Account and Security
A real name is required when registering. Please keep your account number and password properly, and properly manage your security settings.

10. Promotional activities
We hold promotions and discounts from time to time, please pay attention to website updates.

11. Points Rules
Order and accumulate a certain amount of value that can be used for discounts on your next purchase.

12. After-sales service
Provide 7x24 hours online customer service to answer questions.

13. Privacy protection
We strictly abide by the privacy policy and will not illegally disclose personal information.


When completing your purchase, a billing statement including 'sojonline.com' and the country code such as 'HK', 'UK', etc. would be displayed on the payment page and/or your card statement.

All purchases will be processed by our respective entity in the corresponding country as indicated by the country code in the billing statement and are governed by the Local Law.

15. Rules update
We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions and declare them effective. If we do not agree, we will stop placing the order.

16. Complaint channels
If a dispute occurs, you can call customer service or file a complaint with the local Consumer Disputes Mediation Committee.

If you have any questions about the Terms of Service, you can contact us by: support@sojonline.com